Thursday, November 1, 2007

Introduction - Attempting an Existential Synthesis

The great 20th-Century Russian churchman, Fr. George Florovsky noted,

I have often a strange feeling. When I read the ancient classics of Christian theology, the fathers of the church, I find them more relevant to the troubles and problems of my own time than the production of modern theologians. The fathers were wrestling with existential problems, with those revelations of the eternal issues which were described and recorded in Holy Scripture. I would risk a suggestion that St. Athanasius and St. Augustine are much more up to date than many of our theological contemporaries. The reason is very simple: they were dealing with things and not with the maps, they were concerned not so much with what man can believe as with what God had done for man. We have, 'in a time such as this,' to enlarge our perspective, to acknowledge the masters of old, and to attempt for our own age an existential synthesis of Christian experience.

The Lost Scriptural Mind, (originally appeared in the December 19, 1951 issue of The Christian Century as "As the Truth is in Jesus.")

I hope - I hope - that I can add something, to participate in some way, to the carrying on of Fr. George's legacy and vision. To be sure, it is mainly for myself that I go pearl hunting but, heck, I might find something useful for you, too. Thanks for visiting. Come again.

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