Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dying Before Death

Here are some helpful points from a lecture entitled "The Word of the Cross", given by the Very Reverend Fr. Thomas Hopko, former Dean of St. Vladimir's School of Theology:

• The crucified life is what we live until Christ comes again in glory.
• We bear in our body the death of Jesus, what the life of Jesus can be alive
• We need to die to our own mind so that we can have the mind of Christ. Die to our own will so that we can do the will of God, dying to our own thoughts so that we can have the thoughts of God…you can’t have these things unless you’re willing to give up your own.
• If we say “yes” to God, we have to say “no” to other things.
• The participation of Christ’s crucifixion every moment of every day until He comes in glory, to themes that that happens, we’ve already lived the risen life. The chu4rch Father says that we can live the resurrected life before the resurrection comes, on condition that we die before we die.
• Christian spirituality is teaching and helping people to die so that they could live the life of Christ.
• Within our weakness and folly, the wisdom and power of God can act. To that measure we are already liberated from this world, and the devil already can’t touch us. And we’ve not affected by the scenes which surround us.
• To the measure that we have not died, to that measure we are still enslaved.
• There is no resurrection without the cross. But there is no joy without the cross either. We must stand and bear witness to that because people are making themselves miserable by by-passing the cross. If only we would take it up then we have a chance for our misery to go away.
Fr. Hopko's bio.
List compiled by Stephanie Mardigian

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