Friday, April 11, 2008

The School of Prayer

I think a feeling among some people regarding prayer/service books is, "Well, that's not the way I pray to God, so I don't find it helpful for me."

Fr. Thomas Hopko observes
Prayer is learned only by praying. No man can teach another man to pray. But a good way to begin to pray is to use the prayers of the Prayer Book. This is so because "not knowing for what to pray," the Holy Spirit reveals in the prayers of the saints the proper form and content of prayer. In the prayers of the books, especially the Lord's Prayer, we not only pray truly by putting ourselves into the words of the prayers, but we also learn for what we must pray.

Put differently, without this "school of the prayer" found in the prayerbooks, our prayer may remain at a certain level. When we recite these prayers, we start to move towards the saints' level in our prayers and, ulimately, in the whole of our lives.


Anonymous said...

where is this quote taken from?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. Keep up the good work. U the man.


Nader Alfie said...

From Father Hopko's "Fifteen Notes on Prayer"