Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cold Outside (and Inside)?

LATELY, WHEN I START MY CAR in the morning and look at the temperature reading, I just laugh.

The concept of hotness and coldness reminds me of an important point made by St. Nicholas Cabasilas. Speaking about continuity in prayer, reflection and spiritual life, he writes,

Even fire, when it touches anything, can have no effect unless the contact continues; neither will occasional reflection dispose the heart to any affection. There is need for abundant and continuous time for this.*

Abundant and continuous. Usually when we feel a kind of spiritual coldness or lack of zeal or enthusiasm, it is because the time we devote to prayer, spiritual reading, and reflection is either very short or very irregular.

It's Saturday. You know the T.V. people save the most useless stuff for Saturday. Maybe steal 15 minutes and pick up a worthwhile book?
*The Life In Christ, p. 170

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elgreca262 said...

as always many blessing thank you for yoru ministry.