Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Power, New Life, New Freedom!

TODAY IS THE DAY we celebrate the liberation of our nature from lowness and weakness to the brightness of power, glory and hope! Today is our chance to turn our back on everything that makes us ugly and weak and hopeless! About this new phase, St. John Chyrsostom wrote
The angels leap with joy and all of the heavenly powers rejoice, elated because of the salvation of mankind. If because of the repentance of a single person there is joy in Heaven and Earth, moreso is this true because of the salvation of the world. Today did Christ liberate the nature of man from the tyranny of the devil and restored it to its previous nobility*.

Abba Isaiah adds, "Christ’s Resurrection became life and healing from sinful passions for those who believe on Him, that they might live in God and bring forth the fruits of truth."

Christos Anesti!
Let us rejoice and leap for joy!
This is the day we take hold of the Resurrection and Its power to leave our sinful past in the shadows!
*A Homily on the Holy Resurrection

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