Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looking at the Big Picture

SO WHAT HAVE I DONE with 'my' life, anyway?

My friend Mikey G. posted some interesting comments recently at the hobbyjogger chronicles. His post reminded me to look at the big picture and, at least for one day, stave off the mid-life crisis.

I think it's important for 30- and 40-something men to be able to take stock and catalogue the things they have been blessed to accomplish. It is easy for me to look at one or two areas in which others have far outstripped me and not realize that, as a whole, my life is very full.

Others are full professors. I only teach a few classes here and there.

Others my age are priests. I'm a mediocre church worker, at best.

Some Kenyans can run a marathon in less than 2:10. It took me over four hours to finish my first.

My wife is cool (Somehow that is part of the point).

Others have published actual books and hold several advanced academic degrees. I have a blog and it is completely unfocused.

I may look at the sub-2:10 marathoner, the priest or the Harvard Law professor, for example, and feel self-pity, as though the "other things" got in the way. It is a far wiser thing to look at the totality of one's life and relationships and feel fulfillment and gratitude.

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