Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiger and Me


Apparently, he has holed himself up at home, won't speak to even his closest friends and spends his nights watching cartoons and eating cereal. People suspect that he is cracking up.

A friend asked, "Who's Tiger and why does his personal life merit our attention?"

He is a married guy who is but a few years ahead of me in age and marriage. He is suddenly in a nightmare he seems to have never (seriously)contemplated. It merits my attention. It merits my close attention.

"How so?" asked another.

Well, when I see a story like this, my first reaction is "poor guy." I'm sorry ladies, but I really feel bad for any guy whose lust and/or ego got the better of him. The thought of hurting someone like that scares the burritos out of me. Also, the shallow part of me is terrified of being exposed as a selfish, insatiable jerk.

We churchy types don't like talking about this stuff. And though I have the advantage of a supportive wife that I actually look forward to seeing every day, if we are going to talk about sin, let's talk about it as it really shows itself in our world.

Also, looking at what he is going through kind of takes the candy off sin's wrapper. The initial lustre/appeal is wiped right off. The guilt and other consequences clearly last much longer than the pleasure. Yet man after man does not seem to get this. I look at a guy like him and think carefully. I take it all in. I "experience it" for a few minutes so that I can then step out of it and say, "Phew, I was only pretending. What's for dinner?"

He seems regretful (and not just because he got caught) and he should. If I ever succumbed to that, I'd be a mess (and so would my face, according to reliable sources). Who needs that?

This all reminds me of what Ravi Zakarias once said regarding pleasure. The difference between legitimate and illigimate pleasure is this: you pay for legitimate pleasure beforehand and illegitimate pleasure afterwards.

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