Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book Review: God is No Delusion

THERE ARE reasonable arguments for and against the existence of God.

In God is No Delusion, Thomas Crean, a Dominican friar in Cambridge, England has set out to address the claims of outspoken atheist author, Richard Dawkins. This brief work, while having cogent moments, cannot really be considered a comprehensive refutation of Dawkins. While Dawkins has not convinced me of God's non-existence, I was not particularly impressed with many aspects of Crean's work. I was disappointed, for example, to find the author consistently adopting Dawkins' disrespectful tone. On too many occasions he also seems to apply Dawkins' faulty method of argumentation, setting up frail straw men and beating the hay out of them.

To be sure, Crean makes several strong points, particularly in his chapters on miracles, the authenticity of the gospels, and morality and the Bible. Thus, this short, reasonably-priced book may be worth a quick read.

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