Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Review: The Orthodox Study Bible

ONE OF THE FIRST things a reader will notice about the Orthodox Study Bible ("OSB"), relative to its previous incarnation, is that it includes the Hebrew Scriptures. The text is accompanied by ample, but not over-abundant notes. The notes are helpful in supporting and shedding some light on a particular chapter or passage, without bogging the reader down. This makes the Orthodox Study Bible an ideal text for daily reading. For an in-depth study of a particular book or theme, the reader should supplement the footnotes with other references.

The OSB begins with an "Overview of the Books of the Bible." This like the OSB itself, is helpful as an overview and creates a context for encountering the text. It is not intended to be an exhaustive study of any one book or theme. It is followed by another short essay, "Introducing the Church."

Each book is introduced with a brief summary, and articles on spiritual and doctrinal themes are scattered throughout the text.

In order to accommodate the Hebrew Scripture text and notes, the NT notes have been abbreviated some.

The footnotes include patristic references, but these in no way predominate and are not all direct quotations.

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