Thursday, March 8, 2012


Lately, I've been running what runners call "doubles." When I was a kid, "doubles" meant that fate/Topps had dealt you two of a kind.

Okay, what do I do with two Willie McGees?

In running, it means you run twice in a day. In most cases, each run is a bit shorter than the single run would have been.

These are great. For one thing, if you run a little too long the morning after a workout, you lose a little of the workout's benefit. With doubles, you get two recovery-like runs. Good.

Plus, doubles make me feel more like a runner, like I'm a machine that's constantly running (HA!). This is important because consistency is the biggest success factor in the sport. I mean, look at the acrobatic efforts The Hobbyjogger made to avoid the dreaded, momentum killing, double goose-egg.

The big drawback is that I might see my daughter a little later at night. But, hey, what's 35 minutes to an infant? Right? Right? Sigh. Besides, she still gets a big hug when I get in. By the same token, I end up seeing my boss a little earlier in the morning, though that man has never hugged me back.

Plus, after 10-12 hours of pwning the world from my faux-wood desk, I need a little shakeout, you know?

And one more thing. There's that, sometimes horrid, sleep-to-run transition. The coffee hasn't kicked in, nor has the motivation. My friend Jeff writes:
Our runs have beginnings, middles, and ends. We begin sorta tight and awkward. In the middle we are loose and flowing. By the end, we are tired and headed for home. It's a simple and aesthetically pleasing unity. The rhythms of the run are intimate. We feel them directly in our organs, through our bones. These rhythms gather our attention and hold it during that time, which is what allows us to notice the experience of running as complete and unified.
It helps during the negotiation to offer your body the following: "Let's just go for 3 or 4 for now. We can drop it after that. For real." With the option of doubling, the offer is more sincere and does not come across as a ploy.


Jeff said...

Excited to see what fruits these doubles will bear this spring.

ace said...

doubling is suh-weet.

a few years back, i went into the spring doubling. i'd like to get back to that place.

Mary said...

Very relevant.