Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting Unblocked

The more  I see, the less I know, the more I like to let it go. - Anthony Kiedis

I hear you. - Socrates 
I need to get something out of the way.

I've not posted in several months, and it's because I have a special kind of writer's block. It is not for lack of subjects or content.  It's for lack of, what's the word? Audacity.

When I began this blog, several years and 350-ish posts ago, I didn't have a job or a family. So, naturally, I knew everything about everything: from spirituality to youth ministry to "meaningful" work to parenting even! Gosh, had I entered a monastery -- as originally planned -- I'd have been a veritable genius by now!

Every day, life has taught how little I know.

And, for that reason, I have felt less and less "fit" to blog on spirituality and life. And yet, and yet, I just can't let this thing go.

So, to get myself unstuck let me clear the air: I don't get it, and I probably get it less than you do. With that off my chest, I can chase my passion: Drawing links between timeless principles and contemporary life.

I read, write and run, I hope, to be a better man for myself and those around me.  

I'll not lie: It still matters a lot to my satisfaction to know people read this and get something out of it. Maybe, one day, it won't.


Kid A 78 said...

Still reading. This one very much speaks to me.

PS - great RHCP quote!

Humbucca said...

Still reading :)

Essam Tony said...

OK...I am reading :-)

Samuel Beshara said...

Keep it going, nads!