Thursday, January 24, 2008

Embarassing "Christians"

The Gospel According to Hot 97

I got in my wife's car yesterday to take it to the mechanic and had the unfortunate experience of having Hot 97 (97.1 FM, NY) leap out at me in all its (in)glory. I did not switch because the subject of discussion was Heath Ledger's untimely death and, being an admirer of some (certainly not all) of his work, I was interested. I wish I had just shut off the radio and prayed silently.

The DJ (I had no idea what her name was), unleashed an obnoxious diatribe that evidenced her total ignorance of Ledger, the facts surrounding his death, human psychology, and the rules of English syntax and diction. I was pretty annoyed, until she mentioned God. Then, I was furious.

Why is it that most of the thoughtful and insightful Christians are so outside the mainstream media (Kallistos Ware, Ravi Zacharias, Peter Kreeft, NT Wright) while the loud, thoughtless ones end up behind the strongest microphones? Probably because the ones who have the most superficial understanding seek to be the loudest and most visible in religion (and politics and science).

Thankfully, her co-host tried to correct her, offering a more thoughtful Christian analysis. Unfortunately, it was her show, which she turned into a circus.

Westboro Baptist Church

These people need no introduction. They are at it again, picketing funerals and taking Saint Paul out of context. Funny, do you think he would picket a funeral?,2933,324966,00.html


Anonymous said...

Interesting topic Nader, and a sad one too.

But I wonder if anyone cares enough in mainstream media to give sound Christian points of view a voice...

Then again, I am one of those that believe that the mainstream media and the truth are exclusive of each other. I don't read or watch the news unless I'm truly bored...

As naive as that sounds, at least I don't get depressed.

Nader Alfie said...


Thanks for your comment.

A good news source is *The Christian Science Monitor*. I am not saying this merely because it is a Christian source. It has been complimented as solid by no less than Noam Chomsky.

Anonymous said...

the best argument against Christianity is Christians - CS Lewis