Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Feast of the Trinity

Today is the Epiphany feast, according to the Coptic Calendar.

On the Feast of the Epiphany, Orthodox Christians celebrate the baptism of Christ in the Jordan. Interestingly, Western Christians celebrate the Epiphany feast as the visit of the wise men.

In both cases, it is a celebration of the revelation or epiphany regarding who Christ was: He was more than just an ordinary man born and baptised. At the baptism of Christ, he was revealed as the second person of the Trinity: 1) the Father's voice was heard, 2) the Spirit descending like a dove and 3) the Son appeared. Hence, the feast is also called the Theophany or the Feast of the Trinity.

In the same way, when the wise men traveled such a distance to worship before the child, it was clear that more than a mere baby had come into the world.

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CPDT said...

Mr. Alfie, thanks for sending me a message alerting me to your blog. It looks interesting, great passages from the Fathers. I look forward to learning more about the Christian East.