Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Feast. Now, Be Overthrown

Today is the Feast of Nineveh, according to the Coptic Calendar.

Augustine writes,

God destroys sinners not only in anger but also in compassion[.] For sinners are destroyed in two ways: either...the men themselves are punished for their sins, or, like the Ninevites, the men’s sins are destroyed by repentance. God’s prediction, therefore, was fulfilled: the wicked Nineveh was overthrown, and a good Nineveh built up. For its walls and houses remained standing; the city was overthrown in its depraved manners.
-City of God, ch. 24
In other words, Augsutine encourages me to be like Nineveh: to let the sinful me be destroyed and to crush my sins by repentance.

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