Monday, March 17, 2008

Christian Bookstore in Egypt Raided by Police, Employee Arrested

Egyptian police arrested an Egyptian Christian bookstore employee midday Saturday, confiscating books, compact discs, and issues of a newspaper read by Christians in Egypt.

At 12 noon, Cairo time, General Tarik Barakat, Lt. Assem Al Sherief, and eight undercover policemen stormed into the Nile Christian Book Shop. They spent two hours searching everything in the bookstore. Shenouda Armia Bakhait, who was working in the bookstore at the time police raided the shop, was interrogated for more than five hours by Mohamed Abou al Fetouh, a prosecutor, and Mohammed Issa, president of the court.

The interrogators detained him only for the night, with plans to continue the interrogation the next day, and they requested a report from the Egyptian national security office about the activities of Mr. Shenouda and the Nile Christian Book Shop. Egyptian authorities claim they can detain Mr. Shenouda for up to 40 days without a trial under Egypt’s emergency laws.

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