Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Josh Hamilton Is on the Upswing

Chewing the the marrow off a great pile of wings and watching John Hamilton break the record for most first-round home runs at last night's All-Star Home Run Derby, something made me wipe my hands, grab my blackberry and google "John Hamilton Christian".

There was that something in his bearing, in manner in which he stopped to sign autographs for small children and smiled at them during his record-breaking at-bat that hinted there was something more to him. I just didn't realize how much more.

John Hamilton is, indeed, a Christian. But there is more to his story. He is a Christian who faced a tragedy that sent his life and career into a tailspin and left him a crack cocaine-addicted tatoo parlor monger. To be sure, his arms bear the marks of that former life in a way that made me recall the words of St. Paul, "From now on let no one trouble me, for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus." (Gal. 6:17).

Beyond this, I'll let him tell you his story.


Timothy said...

I watched the home run derby last night and Hamilton's performance was awe inspiring.

The best part of the night was during Hamilton's performance when
Rick Reilly of ESPN said, "Tonight's a bad night for atheists."

Danny said...

I was watching the derby also and after it ended as they were interviewing him, he said "I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity and I'll glorify Him in everyway I could"

WOW, i was in shock when I heard that!

He also talked to Harold Reynold of MLB.com about a dream that he had a while back about being in the home run derby in Yankee stadium. In his dream he didnt know how many he would hit or if he would win but he said "In my dream I was able to share Christ with people"

Its great to actually see someone represent christianity on a stage like that.

Mira said...

i REALLY like this post.

Alexandrian Son said...


Thanks for the encouragement!

magik said...

Great post Naddy. Baseball still sucks, but this man is a 'true hero' a la Camp Copt ;)