Tuesday, August 12, 2008

H.G. Bishop Tomas: Rejoice in God's Presence

A few nights ago, I raced to church after work to be on time to see Anba Tomas, who was visiting my parish to deliver a sermon. I met His Grace and Bishop Moussa about 16 years ago, at the first youth convention I attended. It was comforting to see that his great energy, dynamism and warmth have only increased over the years.

He spoke of rejoicing daily in God's presence. Rather than waiting and asking for that happiness and peace that we so eagerly crave, we should stop "watching life" on television and take hold of the great gift of God's presence.


Jake said...

That was a fantastic sermon. If anyone missed it, I believe our good friend George Nasr caught a recording of it. It can definitely be had if you wish.

mme said...

I'm interested. Where can I get it?

Jake said...

MME- they are selling a copy of the lecture on CD at our church. Virgin Mary and St. Pachomious Church. Let us know if you need more info.