Friday, August 8, 2008

Mailbag Friday!

My friend FB writes,

I miss the hairy man. What is up brother? I have to confess that I am a long time reader of sneakersandbooks...I have a question (on the sneakers side of your life). I've been exercising quite a bit more these days (few months now). Weight training and cardio. Mostly cycling however i've just starting running periodically. I gotta say i'm pretty pathetic as I only run about a 1.5 miles or so. My question; is it normal that after only .3 miles or so I want to give up and die but then once I pass it I feel i can keep going for miles longer? Its wierd.

Yeah i'm sure I sound like an idiot. I actually run b/c it takes so much longer for a good cardio via cycling and when i come home I find it more time efficient to run for 20 or so minutes then cycling for 45 minutes! Thats the world we live in huh? Yeah, I try to maximize time with the family as I feel guilty every minute away from them esp. to work out."

Hey, man, thanks for the question!

No, you don't sound like that much of an "idiot", except that I know how you sound when you speak, so in my head you sounded like an -

Anyway, while I wish to mock you to death, everything you said was spot-on. Dr. Edward Coyle, fitness expert at the University of Texas in Austin, found that a 155-pound man burns 110 calories/mile (regardless of speed) and that the same man burns 31 calories/mile going at about 15 mph. So, a 5.63 mile run is about the equivalent to a 20-mile bike ride. It's good to mix it up a little though.

So, I prefer running to cycling for the same reason as you (time), and also because most cyclists feel the need to dress up like superheroes. Bunch of batty boys.

And, yes, a lot of the time when time I run, the beginning is the big sucks. Keep running man!


Anonymous said...

Cyclist dress up more like a billboard advertisement.

magik said...

I, for one, welcome our fashion forward cyclists.