Sunday, April 12, 2009

Courageous Entry

WHILE THE CROWD SURROUNDED HIM and cheered, the Lord knew He was entering a road of suffering; He knew the very voices that cried "Hosanna!" would, by the end of the week, be growling, "Crucify Him!"

Yet, He courageous rode forward to win our salvation, teaching us courageous trust in the Father. Abba Moses said,

The strength of those who wish to acquire the virtues is as follows: if they fall, let them not lose their courage, but let them be sure to make a new beginning at their endeavor. Insofar, then, as we put all our energy into practicing the virtues, let us await the Lord, showing Him a generous resolve and calling on His aid, and without fail He will strengthen us with His mercy and bestow His Grace on us in abundance, in which case we will accomplish every good easily and without exertion.

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