Friday, January 15, 2010

Giving Facebook the Ax

I vacillate.

Sometimes I get to a place where I wish to purge my life of Facebook and even text messaging. Sometimes it is triggered by a total inability to focus and accomplish anything; sometimes by the nausea created by all the noise in my mind; sometimes by the simple, primordial desire for simplicity; sometimes from regret over a curt, rude or misinterpreted text message; or sometimes by the sight of an older person staring at their phone with delight like it is a greater being than they are (You're old. You know everything. Why are you enamored by a toy? Go sit on a chair and smile, bemused at the young, impetuous kids).

Other times, I want to get in touch with someone(s) (and Facebook helps) or I want to send a message, but can't make a phone call at the moment (and so I send a text).

I've decided to try to use these things, while keeping the noise at bay.

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