Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guest Post: Farrah's Trip to Egypt

by Farrah Assad

A friend of mine, Farrah Assad, visited Egypt last summer to work with the children in the Zabaleen district. She was kind enough to prepare a report for us:

I visited Egypt over winter break carrying all the donations, including children’s clothing, computer equipment, game console and money. I met with two of the teachers serving at Dare Banet Mariam in the Zabaleen. I also saw Tasoni (sister) Takla, the principal of the school. We divided the clothing into several groups, boys and girls and the age groups. The next day I visited the school and brought along with me the donations from school and church. My family and I set up the computer, printer, projector and video camera in Tasoni’s office. We passed by each class handing out the clothing for the students. The donations that were made for this organization were not only enough for the class that I taught over the summer, but there was plenty for the entire school, about 210 children. All the students were so happy and grateful for the sweaters and socks. The teachers and Tasoni Takla was extremely delighted to see the joy in the eyes of the children. They expressed their gratitude towards all who contributed to this effort. They decided to use the monetary gift towards setting up a playroom, something they wished to have for a long time. I wanted to thank everyone so much for all the donations that were made and to let everyone know that the smallest donations have made a huge impact on these children’s lives. I have attached a few of the pictures of the children receiving the gifts, hope you enjoy them. Thanks so much again!!!

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