Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ramsey 10k Race Report

I went into this race mainly wanting to improve on last year's 10th place finish, hoping to finish 5th overall.  

As with most races, a huge herd of 25 or so jumped in front me from go. It's funny how these stupid things trigger those younger-days feelings. There I was, alone, on the outside looking in. They were in on some secret: *This* is how you take it from 'go;' get with the program. There they were, the happy pack, and I just couldn't keep up. 
Look who I found! Ann!

Race start's uphill, a point I had forgotten. I knew there was a big hill somewhere after the first turn off Oak St., but I forgot that much of first mile was uphill. So when I came through mile 1 in like 6:45-6:50, I wasn't too ruffled. 

Second mile, I'm still alone but I see the pack has broken up into like 2 (all behind 1 and 2 who were out of sight from the race's start). I am still trying to get in with *someone*, anyone. I can't quite get my breathing right. Then, I remember the kids asking me questions last night at dinner about blood doping (One kid "Nader you should try doping!".Another kid looks at him: "Uh, you know if you do it wrong the blood will form clots, right?"). Anyways, it made me realize, DUDE, OXYGEN is IMPORTANT to this process! At that point, I tried to get my breathing right. Up the big hill. Mile 2 in about 6:34. 

Mile 3, alone but now chasing a pack of 3. Two headphone guys ("Oh, *heck* no!") and a blue singlet off whom they were drafting. There was another blue singlet ahead of them. One of the blue singlets was Frank, but to far out to see (Frank finished in 39:00, and, like a boss, ran the 5k after in 18:55-ish). 6:19. 

Mile 4, alone, struggling, wishing I were in a pack. Two miles to go! 6:24

Mile 5, pushing, yup, alone. Took down one of the headphones guys, the one I didn't know and who had the audacity to put it in my face by wearing an *armband*, too. Go find a "tough mudder," dude! 6:16. 

I tried to crack blue singlet and the other headphones guy, but not...quite... Ah. Now I'm seeing the clock and it's reading 39:xx, so just I dumped it all out. Last 1.2 in 7:20. 

Tough mudders are hard core, bro.

8th place will have to do for this year. 1 minute PR. I'll take it.

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The Amateur said...

Sounds like a good race, Nader, nice work, and congrats on the PR!

- Sean