Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BioLogos Foundation

PROFESSOR David Opderbeck reports that a group headed by Francis Collins announced today the launch of the BioLogos Foundation. Let us pray for this exciting development in the important relationship between science and religion.


jgerges said...

BioLogos is a cool idea described in a book by Francis Collins called Language of God. Francis was one of the people who headed up the Human Genome Project in the 90's.

In summary, Genesis contains the story of creation as it pertains to salvation. All the facts are present as it pertains to this end, of Christ becoming man, and making man a new creation again.

BioLogos should not be truncated and be called Theistic Evolution.

This is another posibility for the course of creating man. It is not a God of the Gaps evolutionary theory.

Things to keep in mind when evaluating this idea:

What is the Image of God?
What does it mean to have everything produce offspring of its "kind"?
Does the means matter knowing theat regardless of the means (of creation), God was incarnated in the form of man in order to save man?

Evolution, if a tool of God, does not negate God's existence. Macroevolution, if put into practice by God's breathing His breath into Adam and giving him a spirit may be possible.

The key is for us as Christians to focus on the important point in all of this, God became man, in order to save man.

Jake said...

Sounds like an interesting idea. I just began reading Collins' book this week coincidentally. I am interested to see what take the foundation will have, if any, on the subject of Biblical Archeology. In any event, I'll be looking into this. Thanks for the links.