Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Violence and Rape: Egyptian Street Children

ACCORDING TO UNICEF, an arm of the United Nations, Egyptian street children indicate that violence is a major issue in their life. UNICEF reports,
These children lead an unhealthy and often dangerous life that leaves them deprived of their basic needs for protection, guidance, and supervision and exposes them to different forms of exploitation and abuse. For many, survival on the street means begging and sexual exploitation by adults.
World Health Organization studies show that street children suffer from health problems ranging from cholera to tuberculosis and anemia, and that they are exposed to a variety of toxic substances, both in their food and in the environment around them.

Yesterday I was complaining because the water filter at my office was not to my liking.

In a survey in 2000, 86% of street children identified violence as a major problem in their life. In another survey, 50% stated that they had been exposed in some manner to rape.

Will you consider helping my friends build a wall around them?
Source: Street children: Issues and Impact

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