Friday, January 8, 2010

As the Year Turns

THIS IS THE FIRST NEW YEAR in which I make conscious decisions about the kind of person I would like, by God's grace, to become. Perhaps, making semi-new year's resolutions is a sign of the kind of conformity to social conventions that comes with age. Whatever the case, I am starting to find rebellion for its own sake annoying. Plus, certain political figures have made terms like "maverick" both hilarious and nauseating.

In 2010, I hope to

1. understand the Bible/Fathers more deeply;

2. run a sub-3:30 marathon;

3. close the gap between running and spirituality; and

4. deepen the many beautiful relationships with which I have been blessed.

On the running side, I feel like I peeled away one layer of slowness and weakness. I feel ready for a faster 2010. I surprised myself at the end of 2009. After choking on marathon day, I ran a good 10k and, 4 days later, an even better a 5-miler, which were good enough to entice me to do better in 2010. These races were like an enticing aroma, pulling me into 2010.

I learned what kind of miles I will need to do if I ever want to be a marathoner. I am not a marathoner yet; no way. Jogging 26.2 miles with a cheering section does not make one a marathoner; it makes him a clown with a moderate fitness level.

I feel like I have reached the fast end of slow and I am grateful for that.

I made some good friends.

I am firmly fixed in this thing called running, which helps me forget at times, the thing in life that kills me most, that I spend most of my hours working for money and not for something meaningful. But on many runs - while snot drips over my lips as I greet day laborers waiting and hoping to earn a buck - I have had time to think that maybe this elusive “meaningful work” is just an empty name for an illusory castle. I have learned on those runs to find meaning in the now, in the presence of God and man. Thanks guys.

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