Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Book Review - The Appeal

WHEN A YOUNG WIDOW wins a multi-million dollar jury verdict, she is only halfway there. She and the small, strapped and stretched law firm representing her must also win the appeal against a corporation, its law firm, and a team of shadowy figures and forces working against them.

It is true that the emphasis of this book is not on character development, but the characters are certainly not (all) underdeveloped. The novel offers what may normally be expected from a successful work in this genre, a good plot. The work been criticized for not ending in a pow, but had it so ended, Grisham would then have been criticized for being predictable; a no-win situation for him in this respect.

Grisham shows that he indeed knows his stuff in terms of how the world works, especially in the realms of church (liberal and conservative), finance, and, of course, law. Writers will also pick up quite a bit about the mechanics of telling a story, including how to create and assemble multiple elements while pushing a plot along.

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